Dani Wild

First Impressions

Dani Wild is really hot. One look at the preview pictures and the hot little video on her tour and that much is obvious. She`s a blonde babe with a thin body, nice tits and a gorgeous face that no man can resist. She has really big eyes too and they give her a look of innocence that`s awfully alluring. You see her posing in a schoolgirl uniform and looking innocent and you can`t decide if she`s going to want to fuck or if she`s just going to tease you with shots of her ass and her blonde pigtails. The thought of heading inside to see more of that is an arousing one.

Hot Promises

First and foremost Dani Wild promises to be hot and sexy. She does that by showing you pictures of her sexiness in action and it`s clear from the first that she`s good at it. Then she gets down to the details by promising you high definition videos at 1280x720 and hot zips for your high resolution picture galleries. You get a little information about her in the profile and the res t of the tour is pretty much teasing pictures. She`s not heavy with the promises; she`s just letting you know that she will entertain inside. The question is whether she actually does that.


The most recent updates greet you as soon as you log in and there`s a nice big picture and a title for each. The top rated and most visited scenes can also be seen and there`s some pretty sexy stuff in there. You wouldn`t know it based on the tour but this chick actually gives handjobs; the highest rated video at this moment is her stroking a hard dick with her pretty eyes staring into the camera and her mouth running all sorts of dirty talk while she does. If that`s not fucking hot I don`t know what is. There`s a favorites list you can make use of to capture the absolute hottest scenes on the site and it`s really handy.

Dani Wild does picture galleries and videos and the content is high quality across the board. The pictures display at 1600px with a button to downsize them if you can`t handle something that big. There`s a zip file to download if you want a hard copy of the sexy action. The videos are available for immediate streaming in a Flash or WMV player and you can download them if you`d like. They`re available at 640x480 even though the tour promised you high definition. They don`t even come close to giving you that though and the fact that they lied about it to get you to join is really fucking annoying. They look beautiful too and when you see what she`s doing in them you`ll want to collect them all.

There are 23 picture galleries but there`s a lot of outfit repetition so it feels like half that number. She wears the same black and white checkered bodysuit in three galleries and that`s too much. They`re big galleries but they look so similar that it`s not much fun browsing them. The same goes for a purple tank top, a hot pink and blue lace lingerie set and her schoolgirl uniform. I`m not sure what the deal with the repetition is but it`s annoying. A new picture gallery is added every week and so far she`s been great about adding fresh content.

The image sets are solo striptease affairs that don`t really go beyond anything you`ve seen before. The titles are suggestive and urge you to do naughty things like fuck her young pussy but the sets are her stripping and showing her tits and pussy. I`m not complaining though. She`s a beautiful blonde babe with big eyes and a nice set of natural tits so it`s always a pleasure to see them. She`s great at getting nude and doing it in the most sensual way possible, which is a rare talent. When she takes her clothes off you`ll definitely be thinking about the naughty things you could do to her. I can`t help but dream of what it would be like to touch her tits.

I find the movies more interesting than the pictures because they`re so different from what you normally see on a solo babe site like this. There are ten of them and they`re all highly arousing. Three feature her giving a lap dance to a very lucky man and the way she works that butt and pussy into his crotch arouses him in ways that most of us have probably never experienced. If you were him you`d be bursting out of your pants too and it probably wouldn`t take long before you were shooting a hot load.

There are two videos where she plays with a dildo, giving it a handjob and talking dirty while she does. The movies are almost exactly the same though so that repetition is annoying. I like the one where she makes the whole thing about her ass and talks dirty the entire time. She wants you to give her booty a good pounding and she lets you know by pulling her panties aside and showing you the asshole and the pussy that lies beneath. There are screen captures for each scene but not enough of them and they don`t let you know what kind of dirty talk she gifts us with so they`re not particularly useful.

For a hot tease scene you can check out the one called `Tease.` It shows her sucking on licorice and talking dirty about all sorts of stuff while the camera takes a tour of every inch of her body. I like the shots of her ass in the little lace trimmed panties the best but the tits are hot too. There`s one video that`s simply called `Dirty Talk` and if you like the audio pleasures of pornography it`s a guaranteed erection and perhaps even a cumshot. She has quite the imagination and she doesn`t hesitate to put it to use in your service. The girl can really think of awfully sexy stuff to help get you erect and off.

If you join her site you get access to ten others that feature the same kind of content. It`s a network of dirty talking young hotties and they do all they can to get the audience aroused. Each features high resolution movies and picture galleries with the same specs as Dani Wild provided. There`s a great deal more dirty talk, handjobs, lap dances, solo masturbation scenes and tons of picture galleries with hot posing.

Croco’s Opinion

Dani Wild is a hot young blonde and she has a terrific website where you get to see her playing all sorts of dirty games. It`s small though, with only 23 picture galleries and 10 videos for your perusal. There are 10 bonus sites in the network and they more than make up for any lack of content. The scenes she has produced are exceptionally sexy with her doing solo posing action in the pictures and getting dirty in the videos. She gives lap dances and plays with dildos and she even talks about how she likes to play with cock. She really does have a dirty mouth and seeing her use it is a lot of fun.


You can easily find your way through all the content. The only thing they could change is offering more screen captures per scene.

Pricing Policy

It`s $34.95/month or $59.95 for 90 days.

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